7 Distinct Benefits of Eco Friendly Hotel Key Cards

Did you know that PVC has been named the most environmentally damaging plastic in the world? So why is it that we keep willingly inviting it into our homes, lives, and business practices? So let’s deep dive the Benefits of Eco Friendly Key Cards.

From the harmful chemicals involved in producing PVC hotel key cards to the wasteful footprint they leave on our planet, it really is time for a change. Luckily, we’ve got just the solution: an eco-friendly hotel room key card system.

With just one simple switch, your business could be part of the movement the planet and your customers are begging for. Not sure if swapping to a greener hotel room key card is right for you? Let’s take a look at the distinct benefits you can look enjoy.

Follow along to discover how eco-friendly hotel key cards work and why you should take this sustainable leap for your business today.

Resort with Eco Friendly Practices

What Is an Eco-Friendly Hotel Key Card System?

Just like regular RFID hotel key cards, eco-friendly materials such as recycled PVC, PPH Bioboard, and even wood can be made into functional key cards.

By including the contactless RFID technology on these earth-friendly materials, your cards will be just as usable as traditional key cards but with a fraction of the environmental impact. Beyond this, swapping to an eco-friendly option can fit seamlessly into your existing hotel room key card system for an easy and painless transition.

But that’s not the only upside to making the switch. Here are our favourite benefits to choosing eco-friendly hotel room cards for your visitor’s next stay.

Sustainable Business Practice

The first and most obvious benefit of using eco-friendly room cards is the impact on your sustainable business approach. If you’re already in the process of making your business more earth-friendly, you’ll know that every small change adds up to a major difference.

Just think about how many key cards are lost or thrown away in a regular week of operation. The number of cards that land up in landfills or in our oceans is nothing short of devastating.

Although cards may still get lost, the recyclable and biodegradable materials are far easier to break down and reuse in the system.

Stack the responsible disposal of your hotel room cards with the more sustainable manufacturing and production of these cards, and you’ve got a winning eco-solution.

Benefits of Eco Friendly Key Cards in Resorts
Four Seasons Bahrain Silhoutte

Positive Reflection of Brand

Businesses aren’t the only ones becoming more eco-conscious. Your customers value and appreciate the steps you are taking towards helping our earth, and your efforts will be noticed.

In fact, some customers may even have an increased emotional attachment to your business based on your environmental initiatives. But even for those who don’t, an eco-mission reflects positively on your brand for the long run.

Nothing says responsible, reliable business like a public eco-friendly initiative. Luckily room cards are the perfect place to start.

Stand Out From Competitors

While eco-friendly room cards are growing in popularity, jumping on this trend early is a great way to ensure you have an edge over your competitors.

As we mentioned above, customers are becoming more environmentally conscious. At some point, they may even expect eco-initiatives such as this to be taken. However, making changes now puts you ahead of the curve and ahead of your close competitors.

Beyond this, having unique looking and feeling cards can make your brand more memorable. Such a simple touch can make your brand stand out in the minds of your consumers and prompt them to book with you again next time they are in need.

Sustainable Tourism Practices
Wooden RFID Ski Pass Card

Sturdy and Dependable

Worried that sustainable materials won’t be as durable as traditional PVC cards? Worry not!

The materials we use for your eco-friendly keys are just as durable as PVC for long-lasting results. In fact, choices like the wooden key cards stand up even better to daily wear and tear than plastic.

This can reduce the number of new cards you go through each week. And of course, we all know reducing waste goes a long way to helping our environment stay healthy and clean!


We get it: key cards are an essential part of your business and you can’t afford to overpay for this integral tool. Luckily, eco-cards are just as affordable as their toxic alternatives.

In fact, because you won’t have to replace them nearly as often, you may even save money by switching to these durable options.

What’s more, is that as your customers experience and enjoy your eco-initiatives, your cards could be the factor that boosts your business through happy return clientele!

Benefits of Eco Friendly Key Cards
Four Seasons Cap du Ferrat Eco Friendly Hotel Key Card

Luxurious Feel

With high-quality printing and colours, your eco-friendly cards will feel anything but cheap. In fact, stylish wooden, recycled pvc and PPH Bio cards can give your hotel that unique and luxurious feel that your customers can’t help but love.

Although these card options are affordable and realistic, your visitors will see them as special and perhaps even ‘fancy!’

Simple and Effective

Finally, because these key cards use the same hotel key card template as your old cards, the upgrade is simple and effective with few to no hiccups along the way.

You can rely on your cards being just as effective at letting your guests into their beautiful rooms while providing a simple and realistic solution to your PVC problems.

All in all, these cards are a win-win for every growing hotel.

Benefits of Eco Friendly Key Cards with Bamboo

Ready to dive in with high-quality eco-cards for your hotel? Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you achieve your eco-card goals and elevate your business with ease.