AT88SC25616C CryptoMemory Smart Card

The AT88SC25616C, part of the CryptoMemory family, is a memory solution offering 256 Kbits of user memory. It incorporates security features and encryption capabilities. The user memory is divided into 16 zones, each with 2 bytes. These zones can be individually configured with security access rights and combined to accommodate 1 to 4 data files.

In terms of card applications the AT88SC25616C offers levels of security while being cost effective and easy to implement without requiring a microprocessor operating system. It includes a engine that enables dynamic and symmetric mutual authentication, between the device and host. Additionally it performs stream encryption for all exchanged data and passwords. Up to four unique key sets can be utilized for these operations. The AT88SC25616C supports communication with any card reader by using the asynchronous T = 0 protocol specified in ISO 7816 3. Communication speeds up to 153,600 baud can be achieved by leveraging ISO 7816 3 Protocol and Parameter Selection.

In embedded applications the AT88SC25616C provides a solution, for storing information within a system through dynamic symmetric mutual authentication, data encryption and encrypted checksums. Its tamper detection circuits ensure that this information remains safeguarded under attack.

The AT88SC25616C utilizes a 2 wire interface operating at 1.5 MHz, for speedy communication, with a maximum of 15 devices that can be specifically addressed. It is conveniently packaged in industry 8 lead packages, featuring the well known pinout as other 2 wire serial EEPROMs.

AT88SC0104C Smart Card
Feature Description
Device Family One of a Family of Devices with User Memories from 1-Kbit to 1-Mbit
EEPROM User Memory 256-Kbit (32-Kbyte)
– Sixteen 2-Kbyte (16-Kbit) Zones
– Self-timed Write Cycle (5 ms)
– Single Byte or 128-byte Page Write Mode
– Programmable Access Rights for Each Zone
Configuration Zone 2-Kbit
– 37-byte OTP Area for User-defined Codes
– 160-byte Area for User-defined Keys and Passwords
High Security Features – 64-bit Patented Dynamic Symmetric Mutual Authentication Protocol
– Encrypted Checksum
– Stream Encryption
– Four Key Sets for Authentication and Encryption
– Eight Sets of Two 24-bit Passwords
– Anti-tearing Function
– Voltage and Frequency Monitor
Smart Card Features – ISO 7816 Class A (5V) or Class B (3V) Operation
– ISO 7816-3 Asynchronous T = 0 Protocol
– Supports Protocol and Parameters Selection
– Multiple Zones, Key Sets, and Passwords for Multi-application Use
– Synchronous 2-wire Serial Interface
– Programmable 8-byte Answer-To-Reset Register
– ISO 7816-2 Compliant Modules
Embedded Application Features – Low Voltage Operation: 2.7V to 5.5V
– Secure Nonvolatile Storage
– 2-wire Serial Interface
– 1.5 MHz Compatibility
– Standard 8-lead Plastic Packages
– Same Pinout as 2-wire Serial EEPROMs
High Reliability – Endurance: 100,000 Cycles
– Data Retention: 10 years
– ESD Protection: 4,000V min