ATMEL ATA5577 Card

The ATA5577 is a contactless read/write identification IC (IDIC®) for software at the 125-kHz or 134-kHz frequency group. A single coil on the processor functions as the IC’s electricity source and bi-directional communication port. The antenna and processor collectively form a transponder or tag.

The on-chip 363-bit EEPROM (11 cubes with 33 pieces each) could be written and read block-wise in the base station (reader).

Data is sent by the IDIC (uplink) utilizing load modulation. This is accomplished by damping the RF field using a resistive load between the 2 terminals Coil 1 plus Coil 2. The IC receives and decodes sequential base station controls (downlink), which can be analyzed as 100% amplitude modulated (OOK) pulse-interval-encoded little streams.


  • Contactless Power Supply
  • Contactless Read/Write Data Transmission
  • Radio Frequency fRF from 100 kHz to 150 kHz
  • Basic Mode or Extended Mode
  • Compatible with T5557, ATA5567
  • Replacement for e5551/T5551 in Most Common Operation Modes
  • Configurable for ISO/IEC 11784/785 Compatibility
  • Total 363 Bits EEPROM Memory: 11 Blocks (32 Bits + 1 Lock Bit)
  • High Q-antenna Tolerance Due to Build in Options
  • Adaptable to Different Applications: Access Control, Animal ID and WasteManagement
  • On-chip Trimmed Antenna Capacitor
  • Pad Options– ATA5577M1

    • 100 μm × 100 μm for Wire Bonding or Flip Chip– ATA5577M2

    • 200 μm × 400 μm for Direct Coil Bonding