Contact Smart Cards

There are several options of contact smart cards available. The type suitable for your project relies on the amount of data you need to be stored and the level of security required. Contact smart cards are divided into two categories: Memory and Microprocessor. Memory cards are like DVDs; they store data but are not intelligent devices. Microprocessor chips are like computers as they store data and are intelligent. All our contact smart cards are manufactured and tested according to the ISO standard 10373-5: 2006.

Smart cards are used in many current and real-world systems and are proposed for many future applications. In fact the capability and numbers of cards are growing rapidly in just about all areas of TV For mobile communications the focus has long been on SIM. Some of the most notable applications include;

  • Mobile Communications Payment
  • Banking Transport Government Identity Cards
  • Passports Entitlement Cards
  • Health Cards
  • Physical Access Control
  • IT access control
  • Satellite TV

PIN Protected Memory Cards:
Applications include fuel cards, vending cards, loyalty applications,  e-purse, member cards, prepaid, identification and variety of protected data documents.

Examples of these cards include:
SLE4442 – 256 Byte, Pin Protected Write
SLE4428 – 1K Byte, Pin Protected Write

Free Memory

Uses include non-confidential storage/low security applications, vending, transport, membership card, portable data and identity.

Microprocessor Cards

The multi-application microprocessor card offers high level of security for e-purse functions and a higher level of date management specifications along with EMV functionality if necessary. Card types provided by printplast include the Gemalto cards, a full range of Banking and non-banking high security Microprocessor cards.

Java Cards

Java Card refers to a technology that allows minor – based applications  to be run securely on and similar small memory footprint devices. Multiple applications can be installed on a single card, and new ones can be included to it even after it has been issued to the end user. Applications written in the Java programming language can be performed securely on cards from variable suppliers.

Customize Your Chip

You have a choice.  Choose from a variety of chip options in 6 or 8 pin, gold and silver, and a variety of chips in colors to enhance your artwork.

Our best-in-class partners for chip production and software development allow us to supply high-end products that fully satisfy wide range of customer requirements.

SLE 5552 Smart Card
Contact Smart Cards