Magnetic stripe cards are the valued pioneer for loyalty, membership, access, gift applications and to support EMV cards for use on terminals awaiting certification.

We combine creativity and design with technology to develop high-coercivity (HiCo) or low-coercivity (LoCo) magnetic stripe cards that meet requirements and budget on the project

Depending on the field of application magnetic stripe cards are offered in two classes:

Hi-Co (High Coercivity)

High energy in encoding (2750 Oe); low susceptibility to magnetic influences.

Cards with Hi-Co magnetic stripes are strongly protected against unwanted deletions. Strong magnetic field that can erase a HiCo card can not be found in our everyday life.

Lo-Co (Low Coercivity)

Low energy when writing (300 Oe); vulnerable to data loss due to magnetic influences (magnetic closures, etc.)

This magnetic stripe has a lower magnetic density, therefore cards with Lo-Co magnetic stripe can be effected by other magnetic fields easier. If a LoCo magnetic stripe is deleted by exterior magnetic fields, the card can be re-encoded.


A magnetic stripe card in ID-1 format (about 86x54mm) can contain up to three tracks.

  • Track # 1: 79 alphanumeric characters (6 bit + 1 bit parity)
  • Track # 2: 40 numeric characters (4 bits + 1 bit parity)
  • Track # 3: 107 numeric characters (4 bits + 1 bit parity)

Customize your magnetic stripe

Add sparkle, color, or custom printed tape.

Fully utilize the magnetic stripe as a design feature on your card.  Increase brand recognition by adding color or sparkle to the back.  Match the magnetic stripe color to your core or add a custom logo or website address.