event key cards

*The Peninsula Hong Kong 95th Anniversary Event Key Card

Event Key Cards

Creating an event entails a multitude of elements that come together to form an unforgettable occasion. Among these elements, the key card plays a role—it serves as the physical connection point for guests and remains by their side throughout their visit.

At Print Plast, we have transformed the production of eco key cards into an art form, ensuring that each card enhances the guest experience from check-in to departure. This article explores the prowess and dedication to excellence that distinguishes Print Plast as a leading provider in the industry in catering to various types of events.

Expertise in Crafting Eco-Friendly Key Cards

Our method of producing cards is grounded in an understanding of the requirements of the hospitality sector. We understand that the guest’s interaction commences with their card, which is why we have refined a design and manufacturing process guided by consultation services. This approach guarantees not only the appeal of each card but also its operational reliability—essential aspects that contribute to the smooth execution of any event. The design process of creating a card commences with our consultation phase. Here, at Print Plast, we work closely with event organizers and hotel staff to fully grasp the vision and needs of each event. Whether it is a conference, a business gathering, a festival, a charity event, a sports competition or a wedding, our in-house design team dedicates itself to aligning the card design with the event theme. This ensures that it resonates well with both guests and sponsors.

event key cards

*Soho House Rome Porsche Summit Event Key Card

event key cards

*Four Seasons Firenze VIP Guest Key Card

Commitment to Quality Production

We take pride in maintaining high-quality standards throughout the manufacturing process. Our production teams meticulously oversee every detail of card production. We utilize cutting-edge printing technology, such as the 6-color Heidelberg Speedmaster and multiple 5-color Heidelberg Speedmasters, to ensure color accuracy and print quality. Each card is printed on plates with colours meticulously matched to CMYK/Pantone standards or previous sample cards for consistency across batches and reorders.

Our 100% Performance Guarantee is not a commitment; it serves as a testament to our thorough quality assurance process. This Guarantee assures that every card we provide functions seamlessly, offering reassurance to event organizers and a hassle-free experience for guests.