Green Card Solutions Recycled PVC

PVC can be recycled up to 8 times based on the program, since the recycling process will not measurably reduce the string length of PVC molecules.

The European industry has been working really difficult to enhance collection of PVC waste and also to optimise recycling technology. The target is to minimise waste and energy usage when fostering the proportion of recyclate in fresh products.

A study performed in 2011 on behalf of DG Environment (European Commission), estimated that the quantity of construction/demolition waste to be approximately 460 million tonnes in 2005. Plastics waste accounted for less than 2 percent of the waste. The quantity of PVC waste represents less than 0.4 percent of the whole quantity of construction waste. In parallel, a study published in 2000 by Prognos estimated that PVC represented less than 1 percent of municipal solid waste (MSW).

It’s necessary to be aware that not all waste can be recycled at a sustainable way. The quantity of collectable waste in Europe really includes PVC waste which may be recovered, rated and transported for recycling. It doesn’t incorporate some components of accessible waste which aren’t economically or technically possible to recycle or collect.

Among the distinctive benefits of PVC in contrast to other substances is the prospect of altering the formula to enhance the security and eco-efficiency of the end solution, while keeping the identical degree of technical functionality.

Sustainable & Recyclable

The European PVC creation and switching value-chain was working hard because the mid-1990s to make certain the sustainability challenges of PVC are handled. Even though there’s still work to do in this region, PVC recycling is now an economically viable enterprise.

Recycled PVC Use Facts

Why Recycled PVC?

  • PVC is ideal for recycling owing to the innovative mechanical recycling possessions.
  • Substantial volumes of recyclable PVC waste are readily available.
  • Applying recycled PVC helps fulfill resource-efficiency targets and permits the preservation of natural resources.
  • Utilizing recycled PVC reduces landfill and emissions.