HITAG 2 Card

HITAG 2 established transponders are highly integrated and don’t require any extra parts beside the HITAG two transponder IC along with the outside coil. Data are sent bidirectionally, in half duplex mode, involving Read Write Device (RWD) and HITAG transponder IC. To accomplish a principal stream safety, data might be transmitted enciphered. HITAG two transponder IC provide a memory of 256 bit.

Custom specific setup of this transponder IC is possible using the setup page. The setup page allows the choice of various modes and accessibility possibilities as well as the configuration of this memory. The webpages of this memory could be protected against write or read access by placing corresponding memory flags.

The HITAG 2 transponder IC supplies – apart from password and crypto style – the next three standard read just manners, that may be configured with the setup byte:

• public-mode A
• public-mode B (animal identification, based on ISO 11784 and ISO 11785) • public-mode C (PIT harmonious manner PCF793x)

Features and benefits

  • Identification transponder for use in contactless applications
  • Operating frequency 125 kHz
  • Data transmission and energy supply via RF link, no internal battery
  • Reading distance same as writing distance
  • Non-volatile memory of 256 bits (128-bit user data and 128-bit control data/secretmemory) organized in 8 pages, 4 bytes each
  • 10 years non-volatile data retention
  • 100000 erase/write cycles
  • Selective read/write protection of memory content
  • Two coding schemes for read operation: Biphase and Manchester coding
  • Effective communication protocol with outstanding data integrity check