With the advent of iOS 13 and its own service for MIFARE goods , it is now feasible to produce programs for iOS 13 that utilize the entire feature set of MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Plus, and MIFARE Ultralight. Because of this, service providers may present a broad selection of brand new features, like smart cards which use the iPhone screen to display remaining balance of a transit destination, allow a resort guest personalize their space key, or use a cell ticket vending machine.

Additionally, since NXP’s MIFARE DESFire and MIFARE Ultralight products may hold NDEF-formatted material (the exact same format used by NFC Forum Tag Form specifications), programmers can provide different capabilities, also, like allowing automatic cellular interactions without needing to launch a program. By way of instance, the NDEF-formatted content in a wise card or alternative according to MIFARE DESFire or MIFARE Ultralight may utilize the iPhone to redirect the browser to a particular URL with background scanning, to see a company card, or to point to articles from the App Store — and also to read and write additional NDEF-formatted content with a program.

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Together with MIFARE and iOS 13, smart cards may connect to your service provider’s internet portal and provide customers a user experience that is enhanced with dynamic and secure interaction. With a transportation application, as an instance, iPhone consumers have the capacity to socialize with the in-place payment infrastructure, so travelers may exhibit content, shop worth, or perhaps top up their fare level — without needing to await infrastructure upgrades.
Consumers are now able to make the most of engaging, interactive Smart City usage cases.

Here are Only a few examples:

  • Add to the annoyance of having to navigate complicated menu choices while individuals in line behind you becoming impatient, and obtaining a ticket could be a fairly stressful experience. Currently, with iOS 13, your iPhone becomes your ticket system, so there is no waiting in line or strain to make decisions quickly.
  • You can now reserve your hotel room on line and, at precisely the exact same time, upgrade your membership points and then configure a space key in your iPhone. The protected channel operating from the cloud into the iPhone makes it secure to send cellular keys without compromising privacy. All you need to do is show up, locate your area, and unlock the door.
  • By linking a payment or dedication card into the iPhone and added services at the cloud, regular transactions become more interactive and fulfilling. The suppliers of loyalty applications can create enticing electronic supplies for their customers, and customers may tap their iPhone into the reader in their preferred store to make points and see their reward accounts right away with the cell program.
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    Now in its 25th year, MIFARE is now the core of contactless infrastructures in over 750 cities globally. And today, with the advent of iOS 13, consumers and developers may benefit from what MIFARE product inventions have to offer you.

It seems sensible that, since the inventor of MIFARE as well as also the co-inventor of NFC technology, NXP provides the industry’s widest portfolio of NFC contactless options, such as label, tag, and card ICs. In addition, we encourage our clients and partners with resources which help ease the production of new alternatives, like those who make the most of their recently released capacities of iOS 13.