PrintPlast Mexico – A New Sales and Support Branch

Since 1989, PrintPlast has emerged as an international innovator in RFID/NFC technologies. With a significant presence through sales and support offices in strategic global locations and a partner network spanning continents, the company now takes an exciting leap forward with a new branch in Mexico.

This strategic expansion serves the growing demand for state-of-the-art and sustainable solutions within Mexico’s flourishing hospitality sector. The Mexico branch symbolizes more than just a geographical expansion – it provides a localized platform for delivering unrivaled customer service, faster support, and instant solutions for urgent requirements.

In the realm of hotel security, PrintPlast stands out with its sustainable RFID hotel key cards. These high-tech, durable solutions work seamlessly with leading hotel lock systems, offering a blend of convenience, efficiency, and superior aesthetics. Upholding a commitment to high-quality production and maintaining consistent standards, the company offers competitive pricing, solidifying its status as a reliable partner for hotels across Mexico.

Beyond its technological advancements, the company holds a strong commitment to sustainability. It empowers hotels to embrace environmentally friendly operations with innovative alternatives like Wooden Key Cards and the ground-breaking PPH Bioboard Eco Friendly Key Cards. These offerings allow hotels to transition towards greener operations without compromising on quality or the guest experience.

The opening of the new branch in Mexico marks a thrilling new chapter in the company’s global journey. Through its suite of secure, sustainable, and reliable hotel key card solutions, PrintPlast is set to become an even bigger influencer in the hospitality technology sector. With this strategic expansion, it continues its mission of enhancing hotel operations and improving guest experiences across the globe.

PrintPlast Mexico