RFID Wristbands speed-up access control process with pre-authorisation, allowing guests to self check-in on arrival without need to wait on the line comparing to traditional tickets.

RFID Theme Park Wristbands offer fast and secure contactless transactions eliminating the need of carrying a card, wallet or cash, reducing theft and fraud. Allowing children to have their own wristbands for spending inside the premises. RFID Wristband system allows parents to set spending limits, or remove the option for payments, leaving it only as a key for room and locker access. RFID systems also offer ways of increasing child safety. A parents’ RFID wristband can be linked to their child’s, preventing minors from gaining access to certain areas or leaving the premises.

Visitors can choose to link their RFID wristbands to their social profiles and open-up a whole host of fun experiences. Once linked, guests can post, check in and share live by tapping their wristband against an RFID touch-point.

RFID Wristband Cataloge