UHF Cards

UHF (Ultra High Frequency) is experiencing growth in the RFID industry due to its versatility. It allows for data transfers without a direct line of sight enabling the reading of up to 1,000 items per second. Additionally, UHF offers longer read ranges than RFID High Frequencies, reaching 10 meters. Another advantage is that the chip can be customized to provide real-time identification and connect uniquely with the cloud. The RAIN Alliance reports that more than 20 billion items have already been connected through UHF technology.

UHF labels and tags are primarily utilized in warehousing and goods tracking applications while ISO standard cards are commonly used for access control, location monitoring and attendance tracking purposes. The EPC Gen2 Standard (ISO/IEC 18000 63) governs UHF technology operating within the range of 860 960 MHz. RAIN RFID has promoted this standard as part of its mission to drive universal adoption of UHF technology.



Unlock “The Dual” RFID Solutions – Augment your Efficiency and Security Capabilities

With our vast collection of technologically advanced RFID chips including the industry-acclaimed Alien Higgs 9, NXP Mifare 1k Ev1, Desfire Ev3 4k, and Monza 4QT, we’re geared towards amplifying your operations’ efficiency and data security. The sophisticated architecture of these chips combined in a single card makes them suitable for numerous applications while delivering unparalleled performance and unmatched reliability.

Unveiling Alien Higgs 9 + NXP Mifare Ev1: The Union of High-power and Adaptive Capabilities

Alien Higgs 9 encapsulates an expansive EPC memory size of 96 bits, that can be extended up to 480 bits, and a user memory of 512 bits. Combined with the power of NXP Mifare 1k Ev1, operating at 13.56 MHz and offering 1KB of EEPROM, this formidable pair caters to applications necessitating UHF (860-960 MHz) and HF interfaces.

Use Case Scenario: Ideal for integrated building management systems, event ticketing applications, and multifunctional ID cards.

Introducing Alien Higgs 9 + Desfire Ev3 4k: The Apex of Secure RFID Technology

Desfire Ev3 4k is globally recognized for its state-of-the-art security protocols encompassing AES, DES, 3DES encryption, and 4KB EEPROM. The merger of Desfire Ev3 4k with the high-memory Alien Higgs 9 offers unrivalled security in scenarios where data integrity cannot be compromised.

Suitability: Specially designed for high-security needs such as contactless payment systems, governmental IDs, and stringent access control systems.

Meet Monza 4QT: The Future of UHF RFID Tracking.

The Monza 4QT chip sets itself apart with an exclusive omnidirectional antenna design that amplifies read ranges and reliability. This chip operates in the 860-960 MHz UHF range and boasts up to 512 bits of EPC memory and 128 bits of user memory. The Monza 4QT chip can be seamlessly integrated with various High Frequency (HF) chips, such as MIFARE EV1 or DESFire, on a single card, offering a dual-feature RFID solution that combines the best of UHF and HF technologies for diverse applications.
Suitability: Perfect for vast retail environments, intricate supply chains, and exhaustive asset management systems where tag orientation flexibility and read range are paramount.

Do you want to make a sustainable impact while staying connected?

Introducing our UHF cards made from sustainably sourced wood. Not only do these cards offer the same functionality as conventional UHF cards, but they also significantly lower carbon footprint during production. Plus, their biodegradability and renewability contribute to waste reduction.

By choosing our wood-based UHF cards, you’re not only making a statement about your environmental values, but you’re also making a conscious choice for a better future. These cards are not only eco-friendly but also durable and reliable for all your connectivity needs.

Make the switch to eco-friendly UHF cards and be a part of the solution today. Contact us now to get your sustainable cards!

Wooden UHF Cards

Reasons Why Our RFID Solutions are Pioneering the Industry

  • Versatile Frequency Range: Our RFID chips span the HF to UHF spectrum, promising adaptability and versatility for diverse applications.
  • Global Adherence: All our chips strictly adhere to global frequency and security standards, rendering them suitable for worldwide deployment.
  • Impenetrable Data Protection: We assure you the utmost data protection with cutting-edge encryption and security standards.
  • Customizability and Scalability: Our RFID solutions can be customized and scaled as per your industry-specific requirements for maximum efficiency.
Give your operations a technological edge with our advanced RFID chips. Get in touch to discover how our high-performance RFID solutions can streamline your business operations and escalate your data security.