Hotel Key Cards

We provide our hotel customers with the most advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) key cards in a wide range of lock systems compatibility options. Our main focus is on the quality side and the main reason our clients prefer us is that they have had issues in the past on their cards and are looking for a reliable supplier who understands hotel card technology, or are looking for more impressive printing/effects on their cards.

A few points how our cards differ in quality:

  • We don’t use the cheap compatible chips that have higher fail rates to cut costs, we have been working with the same chip manufacturer for many years and test and store the UID of every card before shipment.
  • We don’t change materials like PVC/overlay etc, we use the same materials and production environment to ensure card quality is stable and the product is reliable across reorders/across years.
  • Our print line includes one 6 color Heidelberg Speedmaster, four 5 colour Heidelberg Speedmaster printers and one 4 colour Heidelberg Printmaster, which means we never have to settle for incorrect colour matching or print defects just to keep the line going. Every order is printed on separate printing plates and colours are matched to CMYK/Pantone or previous sample cards on every order, and colours are checked with a colour spectrometer and against physical swatches on every order.
  • Specialized in effects like foils/gloss UV on the cards, and our in-house design team can add these to the hotel’s existing artworks.

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