Hotel Key Cards

Sustainable, durable, and secure, our solutions ensure guests enjoy a hi-tech room security solution that’s easy to use, reliable and long-lasting.

We provide our hotel customers with the most advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) hotel key cards.

Hotel key cards are compatible with wide range of hotel lock systems including Vingcard, Salto, Saflok/KABA, Hafele.

Our main focus is on the quality side and the main reason our clients prefer us is that they have had issues in the past on their cards and are looking for a reliable supplier who understands hotel key card technology, or are looking for more impressive printing/effects on their cards.

By not relying on third-party manufacturers or resellers we are able to give immediate support on urgent orders, direct answers throughout production, and consistent quality across orders backed up with worldwide competitive pricing.

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Served More Than 250 Hotels, Globally.

Hi-tech RFID Technology

RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology uses radio frequencies to unlock a door. Each key card has its own radiofrequency. The door is locked using a card reading mechanism. When the correct key is used, the radio frequency of the key matches that of the card reader, which prompts the lock to be released and the door opened.

When using RFID technology, the card doesn’t need to be swiped or slotted – simply holding it in proximity to the door lock reader will be enough for the lock to be released – perfect for guests with compromised motor skills or those who are carrying luggage and want easy entry to their room.

An RFID Hotel Key Card is one of the most secure means of locking a hotel door on the market. If you want a reliable, cost-effective key card solution that’s sustainable, attractive and can be customised to your specific requirements, this is the one to go for.

Using RFID Hotel Key Cards also by-pass the need to manually encode keycards. Lost or stolen keycards can also be voided remotely to limitating any further potential security breach.

RFID Card’s recordable memory option additionally provides hotels with remote audit trail tracking abilities, ensuring that hotel staff have detailed and promptly usable data (i.e; check – in, check-out, room access, elevator use and expenses) in the event of a guest conflict.

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Bamoo RFID Hotel Key Card

Green Technology

Sustainability is No.1 priority subject among hotels in order to reduce carbon footprint through supply chain management and reduce negative impact of the disposable items. In the light of sustainability regulations, we have developped revolutionary key cards for hotels, manufactured with eco friendly materials.

A card and reader system is an environmentally responsible option that provides a durable, long-lasting solution to the challenge of hotel security.  Although many people are used to traditional, plastic RFID key cards, our contemporary key cards are made from bio-degradable and/or recycled alternatives.

Customers can choose from cork or wood cards, as well as versatile PPH bio board – a hardwearing, biodegradable material that’s made from tightly compressed pulped fibres.

If you prefer a sustainable card made from PVC, but don’t want to add to your carbon footprint, why not consider our recycled PVC card? Made from 100% recycled PVC, this environmentally friendly card looks amazing and lasts well, at the same time as being a planet-friendly alternative.

FSC Certified Sustainable Material Selections

Robust, Chip-Proof Card

Like many of the other things used on hotels, room key cards are subject to heavy traffic and expected to last well in challenging circumstances. These keys are designed to last well, even with frequent handling and rough treatment. Resistant to scratches or chipping, they’re also waterproof.

The cards can also be wiped down with a sanitizing cleaning agent with no ill effects – perfect for hotels where infection control is a priority.

Recycled PVC Cards are equipped with Antibacterial protective silver nanoparticle overlay. Silver nano particles have been studied to posses antiviral properties and are presumed to inhibit various bacterias and viruses including SARS-CoV-2. Antibacterial overlay has been tested and approved by SGS %99.99 efective agains bacterias.

Hotel Key Card Features

A Hotel Key Card That’s a Secure Option

An RFID Hotel Key Card is one of the most secure means of locking a hotel door on the market. If you want a reliable, cost-effective key card solution that’s sustainable, attractive and can be customised to your specific requirements, this is the one to go for.

We deliver a new level of trust for key cards by supporting AES cryptographic authentication. Designed as a secure, contactless replacement for  mag-stripe, barcode and QR code-based systems, the IC gives solution providers a convenient, more secure way in hospitality that gives guests secure access to hotel rooms and other hotel facilities, including spas, gyms and parking garages.

A few points how our cards differ in quality…

  • We don’t use the cheap compatible chips that have higher fail rates to cut costs, we have been working with the same chip manufacturer for many years and test and store the UID of every card before shipment.
  • We don’t change materials like PVC/overlay etc, we use the same materials and production environment to ensure card quality is stable and the product is reliable across reorders/across years.
  • Our print line includes one 6 color Heidelberg Speedmaster, four 5 colour Heidelberg Speedmaster printers and one 4 colour Heidelberg Printmaster, which means we never have to settle for incorrect colour matching or print defects just to keep the line going. Every order is printed on separate printing plates and colours are matched to CMYK/Pantone or previous sample cards on every order, and colours are checked with a colour spectrometer and against physical swatches on every order.
  • Specialized in effects like foils/gloss UV on the cards, and our in-house design team can add these to the hotel’s existing artworks.
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