Wooden Key Card

Wooden Key Cards are not only the greenest option when it comes to sustainability, they also provide a unique aesthetic that is sure to impress your hotel’s guests. Wood cards are durable, reusable, and they all  come with our %100 Performance Guarantee.

We provide Wooden Cards to our clients who are looking to transition to true eco-friendly alternatives to PVC. We offer multiple wood material options from Bamboo – both ultra-durable and the most ecologically sustainable wood material, to Birch – an ultra-flat wood that provides the perfect substrate for printing inks and magstripes, as well as a wide array of other wood options including Walnut, Maple, Cherry and Beech. Each material has its own distinctive characteristics ensuring a unique hand-crafted look to your key cards.

Wooden Key Cards are available with Hico and Loco Magnetic Stripes as well as the full range of RFID chip technologies compatible with all major hotel lock and access control systems. Print options include full two-side engraving as well as colour stamped ink prints.

*Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

Cartoon Wooden Key Card for Kids

Creating Memories

We strongly believe that every aspect of a hotel stay should leave a lasting impression, for children. With our Wooden Hotel Key Cards for Kids you’re not just granting them access to their rooms; you’re giving them a keepsake from their stay a tool for imaginative adventures and an important lesson, in environmental responsibility.

Kids Are Lovin’ It

Children always appreciate a touch of magic and our collection of Wooden Hotel Key Cards for Children aims to bring that enchantment to their experience. These eco friendly wooden cards, creatively shaped like their cartoon characters or animals transform every door they unlock into a gateway to adventures.

Exciting Features for Young Guests

1.Child Friendly Designs: We recognize the imagination of children. Hence we have crafted cards in shapes inspired by beloved figures, cartoon animals, superheroes and other playful icons. Each card is not a key. Also a companion on their thrilling journeys.

2.Safety Comes First: Our key cards are meticulously made from wood and are entirely free from harmful substances such as formaldehyde. With their finish and absence of splinters they provide safety for the tiny hands of our youngest guests.

3.Eco-Consciousness: These cards offer more than enjoyment; they also promote sustainability. Created from wood sources they help hotels champion stewardship while teaching children about the importance of being eco friendly, in an engaging and tangible way.

4.Personalization: Our team of designers is ready to turn your ideas into reality. If you have a theme, in mind or want to match it with an event we’re here to assist you. Whether its creating winter wonderland cards shaped like snowmen or jungle cards with animal designs the possibilities are endless.

5.Built to Last for Active Users: We understand that kids can be full of energy and we’ve taken that into consideration. Our Wooden Key Cards are sturdy. Built to withstand the excitement and vigor of their owners.

Expertise on Hotel Key Card Technology

We’re not just experts in hotel key card manufacturing, we also understand the value of creating a positive guest experience. To help you ensure the best possible experience for your guests, we first act as a consultant on design and print options to maximize the quality of your card artworks, and then follow through on manufacture with our production teams following your order from start to finish ensuring not only the highest quality aesthetics, but most importantly checking every card’s chip readability/encoding, read-range, and durability to ensure that 100% of the cards we deliver not only work, but will continue to work for your guests. This is our 100% Performance Guarantee and is how we make card purchasing easy for you, but more importantly it’s how we improve the experience of your guests.