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True Eco-Friendly RFID Card Technologies – Biodegradable and FSC Certified.

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State-of-the-Art “Green” Production

Producing over 50 million cards annually for the global market, Print Plast has a proven track record of high-quality delivery and service.

One waterless 6-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster and four 5-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster printers.

12 x RFID Antenna welding machines and 4 x RFID Chip welding machines.

2 x In-line DoD/Laser/RFID Encoding/OCR machines

4 x RFID Wood card engraver and UV print machines.

ISO 9001 Certified end-to-end production line, FCS certified supply chain.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to sustainability in all aspects of our business, including the production of RFID cards and credentials. As a leading provider of RFID Card technologies, we understand the impact that our products and solutions can have on the environment. That is why we are dedicated to creating more sustainability through our products and practices.

Our commitment to sustainability includes promoting FSC certified plastic-free RFID card technologies and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in production by promoting the use of renewable energy sources. We also strive to eliminate the use and production of virgin PVC, as well as our contribution to the progressive build-up of substances extracted from the Earth’s crust.

We are committed to protecting the natural world and preserving critical wildlife habitats. We do this by eliminating our contribution to the physical degradation and destruction of nature, such as over-harvesting forests and paving over habitats.

By continuously improving our practices and products, we aim to lead the way in sustainable RFID technology and make a positive impact on the world.

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Worldwide Delivery to Door

Whether it’s getting the smart cards to your address via air, sea or road, we have the expertise and logistical set up to ensure the delivery of your product as smooth as possible.

We offer DAP / DDP shipping directly to your door in over 180 countries worldwide without any boundaries.

We understand that reliability is the key, and as such we ship through our direct account with leading express air couriers such as DHL, TNT and UPS, and use only trusted Top-5 worldwide freight forwarders for pallet and container orders.

PrintPlast delivers RFID Cards worldwide