About Us

Worldwide Presence for RFID/NFC Technologies

Since being founded in 1989, we have grown internationally and established our sales & support offices in strategically important places; Dubai and İstanbul. Through partner offices based in Amsterdam, London, Johannesburg and San Diego, Mérida  our products and services range reach worldwide.

We’re proud of our history in designing, manufacturing, personalising and distributing for some of the world’s largest chain hotels, technology start-up’s, EV charging stations, NFC/RFID projects with the complete range of smartcards and credentials from Mifare/EM/SLE to high end JCOP dual-interface products. This is backed up with an expert technical team and personalization bureau.

Through our suite of world class procurement, logistics, and customer support, we manage your requirements throughout the entire manufacturing process from purchase order to final QC and shipping. Our dedicated customer support team available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and we are constantly striving to improve and evolve our processes to better serve our clients.

PrintPlast NFC Technologies
PrintPlast High Technology RFID Card Production Factory

State-of-the-art Manufacturing

Our production teams are in the factory overseeing every order from start to finish. We perform incoming material QC checks on core and overlay, print and colour matching on-press, lamination and prelam testing, chip encoding and readability, and final QC.

This in-process quality control allows us to prevent problems early and ensure on-time delivery.

Our specialist knowledge of card production, combined with our experience of global quality and service standards enables us to offer highly competitive worldwide pricing backed up with exemplary quality and service that is unrivalled in the card industry.