About Us

Founded in 1989 in Istanbul / Turkey with Swiss joint venture company printoplast a.g as a leading card manufacturer, today all shares are hold by printplast. Since 1989, we are committed the best solutions in a card, and to promote the card manufacturing industry by adopting and fostering new technologies offering ultimate privacy protection, professional consultancy and customer satisfaction.

printplast offers the complete card product range €“ PVC Cards, Recycled PVC Card, PVC Free Sustainable Cards, Contact Smartcards, Contactless Smartcards, Scratch Cards, SIM Cards and Banking Cards (Visa & Mastercard) in accordance with complete fulfilment solutions such as; Custom Shape Cards, Gift Card Boxes, Card Carriers and Personalized Mailing.


Our mission within the card industry is to offer highly competitive worldwide pricing backed up with exemplary quality and service that has traditionally not been offered from card organizations. Through our suite of world class procurement, logistics, and customer support, we manage your requirements throughout the entire manufacturing process from purchase order to final QC and shipping

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