Eco-Friendly Wooden RFID Wristbands

Stay Connected on the Go with 100% Bio-degradable Wristbands

RFID wood wristbands take convenience and style to a whole new level. Our eco-friendly wooden RFID wristbands are sustainable, customizable, and provide a hands-free experience for hotel guests. Resorts all over the world, including Disney and Great Wolf Resorts, are embracing RFID technology as a replacement for traditional lock and key features.

Our eco-friendly wooden RFID wristbands feature ultra-comfortable custom-woven organic cotton bands that are adjustable and neutral in hue. Guests can easily access their room or other resort features with a simple swipe of their wristband, eliminating the need to carry cumbersome keys. PrintPlast features hands-free wood RFID wristbands that are both reliable and aesthetically pleasing.

wooden Rfid wristband
wooden Rfid wristband

Customize Wood & Cotton

Wide range of customization options for RFID Wristbands
wooden Rfid wristband

Elevate your style and eco-consciousness with our “RFID Wooden Wristbands” – where elegance meets durability.

Expertly engineered to withstand the most rigorous outdoor adventures, these wristbands are not just a fashion statement; they’re 100% waterproof and ready to take on any challenge. It’s our guarantee.