Plastic-Free PPH Bio Hotel Key Card

PPH Bioboard Eco Friendly Key Cards are not only the greenest option when it comes to sustainability, they also minimize the level of C02 generated compared to any other PVC, PET, PET-G Cards.

Moreover, PPH Bioboard Cards provide a unique premium aesthetic to impress your hotel’s guests. The compressed pulper fibres makes them exremely durable and suitable for multiple use unlike thin regular disposable paper keycards. We are sure to provide extreme durability as much as regular PVC Cards thanks to our patented PPH Bioboard production technique.

On our PPH Bioboard hotel key cards we also cover the printing with a non-toxic protective ink rather than laminating a plastic overlay in order to keep the cardbody composition 100% plastics free while still protecting the print from out side effects to ensure longest card life.

PPH Bioboard Cards are certified with FSC signifies that the product comes from responsible sources – enviromentally appropriate, socially benefical and economically viable.

We provide PPH Bioboard Cards to our customers who are in need of creating sustainability within their properties. We offer multiple printing techniques on eco friendly key cards including full color CMYK and Spot Pantone, Glitter Metallic Silkscreen, Hot Foil, Gloss UV to make sure reflect the corporate identity on hotel key cards in best way possible.

Eco Friendly PPH Bioboard Hotel Key Cards are available with Hi-Co and Lo-Co Magnetic Stripes as well as the full range of RFID Chip Technologies compatible with all major hotel lock systems including; Salto, KABA, Hafele, Vingcard, MIWA etc.

Certified by FSC

What is FSC stands for?

FSC means Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC was founded in 1993 and is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. It is an international certification system for more sustainable forest management. Wood with FSC seal comes from responsibly managed forests. There are ten global principles that must be followed by all countries.

FSC certified forests and fields are managed according to stricter ecological and social principles. This should help to preserve the forests in the long term. The most important goal of the FSC is that the forests are used more environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and economical.

Expertise on Hotel Key Card Technologies

Our expertise on hotel key card manufacturing is not only limited with highes quality of products but also we understand creating a perfect guest experience. To help you ensure the utmost guest experience, we first behave as a consultant on creative side on maximize the quality of your hotel key card artworks and then proceed on production with our highly experienced production teams following your order from A to Z with checking every cards readability/encoding, performance and reading range to ensure our cards will work during the life span. This is our %100 Performance Guarantee.