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5 Popular Hotel Door Locks in 2022 For A Modern Hotel

When it comes to hotel security, you need a functional and easy solution. If your hotel lock system is complex or hard to use, it will frustrate your guests. Electronic systems offer reasonable security and ease of use, but how do you know what to use?

Today, there are hundreds of options to choose from with many different features and levels of security. With such a wide array of choices, how do you select something reliable for your guests’ hotel room? Keep reading to find out!

Types of Electronic Hotel Locks

There are several main types of access control for electronic hotel locks. Modern solutions vary from RFID cards to magnetic stripe cards, similar to credit cards. New solutions also rely on phone apps and Bluetooth.


RFID, or radio frequency identification, uses radio waves to communicate information stored on a card to open the lock. One of the benefits of this system is that the card does not have to be inserted into the lock, which saves on wear and tear.

RFID cards can be programmed with specific information, allowing access to only certain parts of the hotel and only for a specific timeframe. Access will automatically be taken away upon the expiry of the guests’ reservation, even if they still hold the card.

One drawback of this is the continual repurchasing of cards to replenish stock, as many guests leave without turning in their keycard. They aren’t prone to repetitive wear and tear, unlike magnetic stripe cards. To reduce waste and protect the environment, we offer biodegradable RFID cards for your hotel!

Magnetic Stripe Cards

These systems are similar to credit cards. The lock has a slot reader that reads the magnetic stripe on the card and opens the lock. The cards and locks can be programmed for access control, limiting users and timeframes like RFID systems.

Cards have to be repurchased over time to replenish worn-out cards, and the card readers on the locks can wear out too. Replacements may also have to be purchased of customers leave without returning the keycard.

IC Chip Cards

Credit and debit cards were upgraded to include an integrated chip within the last decade. Hotel systems have also begun using these systems for ease of use and programmability.

Like the other two options, wear and tear and customer theft can reduce the available stock of cards, requiring continual repurchasing. However, the locks themselves do not tend to wear out as fast as magnetic stripe readers.


Bluetooth and WiFi systems use fobs or even your customer’s phones to verify identity. They function like the card systems mentioned above, including re-programmability.

However, if you choose this route, it’s essential to go with well-tested solutions. Some locks are poorly designed and vulnerable to hacking or other security flaws. All of the options listed below are vetted and high-security, so you can rest assured of their quality.

Pin Code

Pin code systems use a number pad on the lock to enter a pin code. These systems offer less flexibility than card systems but are still helpful depending on your needs. They’re not typically suitable for guest rooms.

Pin code style locks are suitable for staff access or limiting access to amenities like a pool or conference room. Many solutions offer the ability for multiple codes to allow for different scenarios, like time-limited access or other features.

Five Popular Locks for the Hotel Room

Here we’ll look at five popular lock options perfect for the hospitality industry. The options discussed below are compatible with the Mifare system to provide the largest range of operational functionality. If you’re looking for an electronic lock system that’s secure and easy to use, look no further!

VingCard by Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy has been in the lock industry since 1994 following a merger of two European lock companies. They’re well-known in the industry for their quality and customer support.

The VingCard Lineup
Assa’s VingCard lineup relies on RFID technology for operation, removing the need for mechanical keys. Some of the products in the lineup include options for mechanical key cylinders as a backup if needed.

VingCard also comes ready with Bluetooth and wireless capabilities for cloud monitoring and control and mobile entry. These features make the lineup flexible and feature-rich for both guests and owners. Our sustainable hotel key cards are compatible with the VingCard lineup!

Electronic Features
All VingCard products use RFID technology for locking and unlocking operations. Some models are more minimalist, with all aspects of the lock concealed within the door’s body. Others are more traditional, with some features (like the reader) being present on the face of the door.

The VingCard series also includes mobile-ready features, opening up the possibility for guests to use their phone as the keycard. Though this is an option, you can choose whether to enable it or not depending on your needs.

The locks are also wireless ready (and some can be hardwired) to enable cloud and network access for updates or operation. This feature allows the storage and retrieval of access events for access control logs.

Signature hotel lock
Operational Features
All options (sans the individual RFID cylinder) are fully ADA-compliant. A wide array of handle designs and colours ensures compatibility with any architecture.

The locks feature a ‘panic open’ feature from the inside handle. A single push of the interior lever will unlock the deadbolt and retract the latch, removing the need to operate these features independently.

The series also allows for an optional high-security mechanical cylinder for override purposes. Though not required, this feature provides customization or mechanical backup as needed for additional safety.

Upgrade Path
If you’re already using an Assa Abloy magstripe lock, the VingCard lineup has an option! A simple swap over from the card reader to the RFID reader is available.

This allows you to upgrade at a reduced cost, as the lock bodies and handles can be left as-is. Replacing the reader is a simple process, only requiring a few minutes per lock.

RFID Cylinder
Not every door in your hotel uses the type of lock found in guest rooms. Some of your doors may be narrow-style or aluminium glass doors. Assa Abloy has a solution if any of these doors need guest access or you want them on your RFID system.

Enter the VingCard cylinder. The cylinder is similar to a standard lock cylinder but has an RFID reader on it, with all the features of the VingCard lineup.

miwa lock


Miwa is a Japanese-based company that’s been around since 1945. They offer a host of lock solutions across every industry but are well-known in the hospitality sector.

Electronic Features
Miwa’s system allows for reading and writing to the keycard for both guests and staff, allowing you to monitor access. The locks themselves also store the last 600 transactions for auditing purposes.

Miwa doesn’t just create locks for the hotel room. They also have perimeter and elevator access products, allowing you to move the entire facility to the keycard system. The RFID systems are also Bluetooth enabled for mobile access.

Each new guest card can cancel the last one, preventing previous guests from entering their old room. This increases security, avoiding the need for manual voiding of checked-out guests. Staff cards can also be cancelled from the front desk to prevent unauthorized access in the case of theft or employee termination.

Keycard Issuing System
Miwa also offers a keycard issuing system for the front desk, allowing the updating and creating of both guest and staff cards. They also provide a BLE encoder for Bluetooth devices to enable mobile keycards.

The issuing system allows for creating a master key structure and emergency access cards for EMS services as well. This allows for more granular access control across your facility. We offer a range of keycards compatible with both Mifare and NFC technologies.

Physical Design Options
Miwa offers a cylindrical option for facilities not using mortise-style hardware. They provide both wide and narrow styles for the hotel room and integrate Von Duprin hardware for exterior doors.

Dormakaba Saflok

DormaKaba fields a range of options in their Saflok lineup for hotel security. They’ve been in the business since 2015 following a merger of Dorma and Kaba, which both had been in the lock business for over a century.

Electronic Features
All Saflok models use RFID technology. Some of the models are compatible with magstripe cards for backwards compatibility. An upgrade path is available for those looking to move away from magstripe systems.

The Saflok series also has BLE technology to allow mobile phones to act as the keycard. Some models are BLE ready but do not have the system enabled, and others are enabled out of the box.

The Saflok lineup also has wireless access to manage your hotel door locks over a network. They’ve also partnered with several service providers for audits and keycard generation.

Safety Features
The Saflok series also comes with several standard features to serve your needs across the lineup. The locks come with an option for auto-locking deadbolts for guest security. They also support emergency keycard access for EMS or hotel staff.
Physical Design
All locks are ANSI certified, UL listed, and available in both standard and European sizes. They are also ADA compliant and offer a range of colours and handle styles to fit any architecture choice at your hotel.
Saflok Hotel Lock
salto lock system


Salto offers an impressive range for your hotel lock system loaded with electronic and physical features. They also provide a range of access control systems that integrate across network features for controlling the entire premises.

Electronic Features
As with the other manufacturers, Salto’s locks are RFID ready and perfect for your hotel rooms. Their locks are NFC and BLE ready, enabling the use of guests’ mobile phones as their keycard.

Important safety features include updating the lock wirelessly through Salto’s management system or via a portable programming device. A low battery indicator will alert you or your staff when it’s time to replace the batteries.

Physical Features
The locks are case hardened, and ANSI certified to prevent unauthorized access. They include a single-open panic feature from the inside, allowing a single operation to release the latch and deadbolt. The handles are kept steady through a patented system to prevent handle sag over time.
Lock Cylinder
Salto also offers an electronic lock cylinder compatible with standard locks. Perfect for use on sliding glass doors and other access points across your hotel, the cylinders provide the same wireless features as the hotel door locks.


Hafele is another European lock company that’s been around since the early 1900s. They offer an impressive lineup for the hospitality industry with their Dialock series.

Electronic Features
Dialock offers an entire access control system with wired and wireless options. Their hotel locks use RFID technology for contactless opening and ease of use.

Their locks are compatible with most major management software so that you can supervise and audit the locks across your hotel. The hotel door locks are also BLE compatible for enabling mobile phone access.

Physical Features
Dialock’s hotel series is ANSI approved and offers emergency mechanical operation for safety purposes. The locks feature the ability to display “Do not disturb” and offer battery status LEDs.

The locks come with a range of handle styles and colours to match your hotel’s aesthetic. The lock is manufactured with steel, and is rated grade 1 for the highest security.

hafele dialock

Compatible Key Cards

No matter what lock system you use, keycards play an important role. Whether it’s just for your guests’ hotel room access or the entire building, you need a keycard system that’s sustainable and functional.

At Printplast, we offer a broad range of hotel keycards compatible with many lock companies and management vendors. If you have any questions about our sustainable keycards or how they can integrate with your hotel security system, contact us today!

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