In 2023; We Prevented Over 6 Tonnes of PVC


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In today’s world being environmentally conscious is more important than ever. Each stride we take toward sustainability is a win. We’re thrilled to share a milestone in our sustainability journey: producing over a million hotel cards using Recycled PVC, PPH Bio and Wood in 2023! 🎉 This achievement goes beyond the numbers; it showcases our dedication to responsibility and reducing our carbon footprint.

Picture this; than a million hotel key cards crafted from materials like PVC, PPH Bio and Wood playing a significant role in safeguarding our precious environment. By choosing eco materials for our production we’ve managed to prevent least 6 tonnes of PVC from entering the environment. 🌱 This success underscores our commitment to sustainability and ongoing initiatives to make a difference for the planet.

As we mark this achievement we acknowledge that our path, towards sustainability is still ongoing. We are dedicated to enhancing and innovating our methods to reduce our impact on the environment. By embracing eco options and adopting practices we strive to establish new benchmarks for ethical business conduct within the hospitality sector.

Lets raise a glass to the principles of reducing, reusing and recycling! 🥂 This milestone demonstrates the power of focusing on sustainability in businesses and working together towards a shared objective. We eagerly anticipate commemorating milestones and successes as we progress on our sustainability journey. Here’s to a future that’s greener, cleaner and more sustainable, for everyone.

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