How The Chedi Hotel Luštica Bay is Shaping the Future of Sustainable Hospitality

In the rapidly evolving hospitality industry, sustainability has become a key focus for many forward-thinking hotels. One such establishment leading the charge is The Chedi Hotel Lustica Bay, which has implemented a range of innovative eco-friendly practices, including the transition from traditional PVC to wooden key cards. In this article, we delve into a comprehensive Q&A session with Lehlohonolo Diale – Sustainability & Green Initiatives Officer.

They share insights on their sustainability initiatives, guest feedback, and their vision for the future of the industry. They also discuss the role of suppliers like Print Plast in supporting their environmental goals. Read on to discover how The Chedi Hotel Lustica Bay is shaping the future of sustainable hospitality.

Q: Can you share some of the sustainability initiatives or procedures that your hotel has implemented, and how these practices contribute to your overall environmental goals?

In our hotel we live by our philosophy of ‘in touch with nature’ and our Green team is always looking for ways to make positive contributions to the environment and our community. Guided by the life cycle concept, we repurpose materials and carefully select eco-friendly amenities. We use homemade local turndown amenities and are open to creations of our team. Used Wine bottles find new life to become vases and candles in collaboration with a small local company. We collect and analyze our resource consumption data to learn our trends and get on the path of reduction. We have installed electrical chargers to encourage more environmentally friendly transportation and have available ev shuttle service for our guests. With waste-designed zones throughout the property and an accountability checklist for team members we are on track with our waste reduction goals for 2023. Our Green Team’s dedication has earned us the Green Key Certificate and Earth Check Bronze status. We proudly support sustainable travel through our commitment to the UNESCO pledge. Our current initiatives have led us right on track with our goals so far, you’re welcome to view our publicly available action plan for 2023 on our website.

GreenKey Hotel
The Chedi Lustica Wooden Key Card

Q: What were the key factors that led you to choose wooden key cards over traditional PVC cards? How does this decision align with your hotel’s sustainability strategy?

A: The environmental toxicity associated with the production and disposal of PVC is a concern. At our hotel, we strive to go beyond mere reductions and take proactive steps to address this issue. Our approach extends to considering the entire life cycle of materials, focusing on what happens after their usage. We place a high priority on integrating life cycle thinking into our supply chain, which is why we actively support partners like Print Plast who demonstrate a commitment to environmental consciousness and innovation.

Q: Looking ahead, where do you envision your hotel or the hospitality industry in the next five years? How do you see sustainability playing a role in this vision

We imagine the industry as one that actively seeks out digital innovation for seamless, swift and personalized service. We hope that hospitality will be firmly centered on environmental protection and make that the norm. We hope that cultural preservation of every destination will be promoted to give guests more authentic and heartwarming experiences. At our hotel, we are committed to actively contributing to waste reduction, promoting life cycle thinking, and supporting resilient, authentic communities.

Q: Have you noticed a change in your guests’ awareness or expectations about sustainability in recent years? Can you share some feedback that you’ve received from guests about your hotel’s environmental practices, particularly the switch to wooden key cards?

While we have yet to witness a substantial difference, we have taken proactive measures to implement initiatives that actively involve our guests, fostering heightened awareness and engagement. Additionally, we are enhancing our communication channels to effectively communicate the purpose behind these changes and empower our guests to contribute to the cause.

Q: In what ways do you believe suppliers, like Print Plast, can further support your sustainability efforts? What would you like to see from us in the future to help you achieve your environmental goals?

In our business, materials play a crucial role in driving our operations forward. As a forward-thinking company, we hold high expectations for our suppliers. We believe in their ability to proactively embrace sustainability and actively pursue innovative solutions that contribute to a brighter future. To help us first improve within your organization. We encourage all our suppliers to chart their own course towards cleaner operations, constantly seeking opportunities to minimize their environmental impact and maximize efficiency. By fostering a spirit of innovation, collaboration and environmental stewardship, we can collectively shape a better tomorrow.