Stay Updated on the Latest Sustainability Standards; 10 Resources for Hotel Managers

With travelers seeking eco accommodations, hotels must implement sustainable practices to remain competitive. However, going natural is a concept that constantly evolves, posing challenges for hotel managers to stay informed. Luckily there are trusted resources available for hotel managers to stay ahead of the curve. This blog post will highlight the 10 resources that hotel managers can rely on to keep up with the standards.

Hotel General Manager Checking Sustainability. Tasks with the team

The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance is a profit organization made up of well known hotel companies from, around the world. Together they work towards making a difference when it comes to rights and environmental concerns.

As the representative of the hospitality industry in the movement towards business practices the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance offers valuable guidance, resources and training for hotel professionals at all levels. Whether its hotels or large multinational corporations their goal is to ensure that sustainability becomes a top priority in every aspect of the hospitality industry. This includes everything, from operations and supply chain management to guest interactions and community engagement.

Green Lodging News

vGreen Lodging News is a publication that covers the recent developments, trends and best practices for sustainable hotels. Their website features content ranging from articles and interviews to product reviews. Hotel managers also have the opportunity to share their stories on this journey of reducing carbon footprint and be featured on the website., a known travel platform has taken a step, towards promoting environmentally friendly operations by introducing several sustainability initiatives. These initiatives aim to assist the accommodation sector in improving their eco practices by offering insights, best practices and guidelines.

These programs encourage property partners to embrace approaches across operational areas such as waste management, water conservation, renewable energy utilization and sourcing locally produced food. Through the provision of resources, tools and information businesses, in the travel industry can effectively implement strategies. also prioritizes transparency in these endeavors by empowering travelers with the ability to make choices and support accommodations that align with their values.

Green Globe

vGreen Globe is a recognized certification program that focuses on promoting travel and tourism. Through this program, hotels can enhance their performance using a defined framework.

Green Globes comprehensive certification process covers more than 40 criteria related to areas like responsibility, waste management and energy consumption.

Green Key

The Green Key is an eco label given to tourism and leisure establishments that meet criteria. It covers aspects such, as water conservation, waste management, energy efficiency and more. This program provides hotel managers with a framework to implement and enhance friendly practices in their establishments.

Apart from the recognition being a part of the Green Key program also offers access to a range of resources, advice and examples of practices, from a global network of environmentally conscious establishments. Additionally certified businesses can use the Green Key award as a marketing tool to attract travelers who prioritize eco options.

Global Sustainable Tourism Council

GSTC is an organization responsible for establishing standards in sustainable travel and tourism. Their guidelines serve as benchmarks for determining whether a particular operation meets the requirements, for practices.

The GSTC provides a set of guidelines, for sustainability certification. Offers support, advice and resources for hotels and other tourism businesses. Their certification process covers aspects of sustainability, including management, social responsibility and the preservation of cultural heritage. Print Plast is a proud member of GSTC and provides eco-friendly hotel key cards made of FSC-certified wood and paper that are safe for our planet.

Sustainable Travel International

STI is a nonprofit organization that globally promotes sustainable tourism practices. They assist hotels and other tourism businesses in reducing their impact and enhancing their responsibility. STI offers an array of resources like training programs, certifications and consultancy services to support sustainability efforts.

Hotel Energy Solutions

Hotel Energy Solutions is an initiative supported by the European Union aimed at helping medium-sized hotels reduce energy consumption and costs. They provide guidance tools like energy audits, and energy measures, as well as case studies showcasing best practices such as solar panels, led lighting, air conditioning etc.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is one of the world’s largest and most well-known conservation organizations. While they’re primarily focused on the preservation of natural habitats and species, the WWF also works directly with businesses to help them minimize their environmental footprint.

For the hospitality industry, the WWF provides a number of tools and resources designed to help hotel managers adopt greener practices. Their hotel-specific initiatives focus on areas such as responsible sourcing of seafood and minimizing food waste. They offer consulting and educational resources, including a hotel kitchen toolkit that helps reduce food waste, ultimately reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

The Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust is a thinking organization that focuses on generating profits while helping businesses transition, towards carbon operations. Their main objective is to support the development of a low carbon economy by implementing programs dedicated to sustainability.

They work closely with hotels and resorts of all sizes providing them with expertise in the form of insights, comprehensive roadmaps and practical action plans. The goal is to assist these establishments in reducing their carbon footprint. Through collaboration and cooperation The Carbon Trust aims to make a contribution, towards creating a sustainable hospitality industry.